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Big 4 team up

Big 4 team up


4 of the most heavily scammed companies launch a new anti-phishing joint venture - the Phish Report Network.  


Microsoft, Visa, eBay and PayPal have joined forces in creating a dedicated anti-phishing site. The four companies, which can count themselves among the most popular company names used in scams are planning to create a database which will contain details of phishing scams and with hope, the identities of their creators.

The joint effort has already seen the launch of the Phish Report Network which will advise visitors on new scams and give lessons on how to avoid being scammed.

In an interview with WebProNews, it is explained how the site will work.

"For example, companies such as eBay, PayPal and Visa can enter confirmed phishing sites, and software companies, ISPs and security vendors can incorporate the aggregated list into software, email and browser services to help protect consumers against online fraud."

"Phishing is the fastest growing segment of spam being sent worldwide today, victimising both legitimate online companies whose brands are being hijacked and consumers who are unwittingly providing their personal information to criminals,"
said Ryan Hamlin, general manager of the safety technology and strategy group at Microsoft.


Source: WebProNews 15/02/05

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