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New eBay Phishing Scam Reported

New eBay Phishing Scam Reported


The latest in a long line of eBay scams has come to the attention of MillerSmiles.


eBay scams are certainly not new and the latest scam which has been brought to the attention of the MillerSmiles team is similar to previous incarnations.

The email containing the scam leads with the subject line "We regret to inform you that you eBay account will be suspended."

The spoof email links to a spoof webpage where the victim is prompted to enter their details believing the site is genuine. The details are then forwarded to a local script and captured for fraudulent use.

The email itself contains bogus web content - the link appears to point to an official eBay URL but the actual URL links to:

MillerSmiles traced the site hosting the phishing script to a server in Bismark, USA.

The real URL does look like the real eBay site so do not be easily fooled!

REMEMBER: eBay will never send you emails asking you to enter your account details.

View technical details and the full MillerSmiles report of this scam here

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