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Increase In Smaller Bank Scams

Increase In Smaller Bank Scams


Phishing scams are increasingly targetting smaller-scale financial services firms according to the APWG.


The Anti-Phishing Working Group, one of the most influential names in the anti-phishing industry has warned consumers that phishers are increasingly targeting smaller financial services companies.

The group states that the number of unique phishing emails and websites which host the phishing scripts have increased dramitically.

Smaller banks seem to be bearing most of the brunt from this new trend. This new tactic is especially worrisome since smaller fims are unlikely to be as prepared as the larger financial institutions.

In a statement from the APWG chairman, Dave Jevans, the group indicates that the reason behind this new trend may be the fact that the larger institutions are becoming increasingly successful in their anti-phishing policies.

For more information on the APWG please visit their website here

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