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Online Security Trust Dented

Online Security Trust Dented


An increase in phishing attacks and identity theft is affecting consumers' trust in the web, a poll says.


Phishing attacks and identity theft are seriously impacting on the generaly public's faith in the internet, a poll has claimed.

70% of those asked in the poll said that internet firms are not doing nearly enough to protect consumers.

The poll, which surveyed the views of 1000 people also reported that 43% were not willing to hand over their sensitive information online.

RSA, the firm responsible for the poll claims that most poeple are becoming aware of increased online security threats but have little confidence that major companies are effectively meeting the challenges of threats.

Many consumers now claim that traditional login methods which use usernames and passwords are quite simply not up to the task anymore.

Some security firms have now successfully developed methods which improve the username/password system which are often easy to guess and hack.

Many firms are working towards a single online identity key which can be validated through biometric criteria, like an iris scan. AOL is one firm which is actively looking at this technology and has struck a deal with RSA which lets people pay for a unique passcode generation service.

Other firms such as Activcard are developing other systems which aim to improve the online security environment.


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