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New Opera Browser Security

New Opera Browser Security


The Beta 2 Opera Software browser is to incorporate several new anti-phishing features to improve security.


The new browser version will display security information within the address bar itself and a padlock will indicate the security level of a visited site.

MillerSmiles News readers will recall that we reported on the 22nd of February 2005 that IE 7 is due to incorporate similar new anti-phishing features. (Read this article here)

The new browser will have a yellow security bar, which will appear during secure site sessions and will display the name of the organisation that owns the certificate. Opera believes that these anti-spoofing measures will help surfers make more informed decisions about a site's security quality.

Christen Krogh, Opera's Vice President of Engineering, believes that security certificates hold the key to improvements in online security. "The challenge for browser vendors is to better explain the verification of certificates and to make the user more aware of this additional verification before entering into secure transactions."

In addition to the new security features, Opera will be easier to customise and skin.

Source: TechTree

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