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New DNS Redirect Trick Being Used

New DNS Redirect Trick Being Used


Phishers seemed to have developed a new weapon in their phishing arsenal - DNS Redirecting.


New scams are being developed which redirect victims from legitimate sites to malicious ones, evidence has suggested.

The warning comes only days after a warning that some computers were being deliberately misdirected from popular sites such as eBay or Google to spoof web servers that silently install spyware on victims' PCs.

Early indications suggest that the scam was only small in scale but the idea behind the new tactic is alarming.

The scam involved the key servers which act as the converters of alphabetic web addresses which we use every day to the number based network address (IP addresses). The scam replaced the numeric addresses of popular websites with the addresses of malicious sites managed by the scammers.

The Internet Storm Center, advised that a recently discovered flaw in Symantec's firewall and gateway security appliances likely allowed some of the so-called DNS poisining to occur.

One expert warns that future attacks, if more efficiently implemented, could be virtually undetectable. Users simply would not know - there would be no indication on their browsers whether the sites they were visiting were legitimate or not.


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