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CeBIT Fair To Focus On Phishing

CeBIT Fair To Focus On Phishing


Phishing and identity theft will be two hot topics at this year's CeBIT IT fair in Hanover.


With phishing attacks on the increase and the internet public increasingly aware of identity theft issues, it is perhaps no surprise that this year's CeBIT fair held in Hanover, Germany will focus heavily on online computer security matters. The CeBIT event is likely to attract 500,000 visitors over coming days.

The world leader in Internet security services, Symantec, reports that 33 million phishing emails are now being sent on a weekly basis compared to just nine million 6 months ago.

In an interview with the AFP news agency, Olaf Linder, director of security services for central and Eastern Europe says "It's a very easy fraud scheme to launch that is not very expensive and can be very lucrative."

Kaspersky, the Russian internet security firm makes clear that the security industry is still very much playing catch-up with the phishers. Kaspersky estimates that in 2004, phishing scams cost internet consumers $4m.

Kaspersky states that the United States hosts 32% of phishing scam sites, followed by China and Taiwan (13%) and South Korea with 10%.

Source: INQ7

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