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BoI Attacked In Phishing Scam

BoI Attacked In Phishing Scam


The Bank of Ireland is the latest target of a phishing scam.


The Bank of Ireland has successfully closed down a malicious server hosting a site which attempted to capture customers' financial details.

The bank was alerted earlier today that a phishing email scam was being circulated on the net which masqueraded itself as being genuinely sent from the bank. The email lures customers into being forwarded to a site which appeared to be that of the bank's, where sensitive account information could be captured in the form of a script.

The bank, having received information about the scam, quickly issued a statement warning online banking users to take precautions against the scam and not to submit account information via scripts on the internet.

The head of BoI's media relations team - Anne Matthews - said "we would never request customer information in this manner and if you receive this kind of email, you can take it that it's not for real." Matthews also confirmed that the email was sent indiscriminately, and the phishers did not have any access to the bank's customer database.

The bank has urged those who have received the scam or those who believe they have fallen victim to it, to call 1890 365 365 if based in Ireland, or +353 1 4622365 from outside of the Republic.

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