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New MSN Scam

New MSN Scam


New MSN scam reported at MillerSmiles. Scam uses 'popup' tactic to attract victims.


The team at MillerSmiles reported a new MSN phishing scam yesterday.

The email claims to be from MSN and asks you to confirm your account data by clicking on the link in the email. The link then forwards to a spoof login page where account details are captured by the phishers.

The scam employs a new form of tactic. The spoof website loads as a popup in front of the REAL MSN page in order to create a more authentic impression. This tactic is a trend we here at MillerSmiles will be looking out for in coming weeks, although it is a device that has been used several times before in other scams.

In addition to the tactic mentioned above, the phishers use a script on the spoof website which will immediately record your email, the moment the link is clicked on. Such email capturing may create quite a nice database of potential phishing victims for the phishers in the future!

The email itself uses quite a clever trick to get past spam filters and looks normal to the human eye. However, after selecting some text in the email, it can be seen that every letter is in a separate table and they are all separated by dots - a filter will just see this as unintelligible rubbish!

We traced the website back to a server based in Walnut Creek, USA.

We advise our readers to beware of variations of this email which will likely surface in the coming days and weeks.

REMEMBER: MSN will never send you emails asking you to enter your account details.

See the full detailed MSN scam report here

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