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Surfers Now More Phishing Savvy

Surfers Now More Phishing Savvy


A British body states that online banking customers are becoming increasingly phishing-savvy.


APACS, the British payment and clearing services agency has reported that online banking customers have woken up to the threats posed by phishing.

In an interview with the online news service, ZDNet UK, an APACS spokesman revealed that although last year's phishing statistics were alarming, relatively few people were actually seriously affected. The spokesman said this was due to an increasing awareness of phishing attacks and the methodologies involved in the scams.

The spokesman, Sandra Quinn, director of corporate communications for APACS said, "Increasingly customers are realising that banks don't communicate this way and that they shouldn't respond to fradusters. We're not surprised that last years's losses are high because of the number of attacks that have been made. What is encouraging is that it affected only a very small number of victims."

Earlier this month, an APACS report revealed that banks lost 12m though online identity fraud.

Source: ZDNET

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