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Microsoft To Sue 117 Phishers

Microsoft To Sue 117 Phishers


Microsoft has filed 117 lawsuits in the US against suspected phishers.


The world's largest software firm, Microsoft, has launched 117 so called 'John Doe' lawsuits in the US against some of the largest suspected phishing scam propagators.

The lawsuits had to be filed in the US District Court service in Seattle under the Lanham Act as no specific anti-phishing legislation exists in the US.

Microsoft has stated that the accused have been consistently attempting to extort people of their personal information, such as bank details, passwords and even social security details. The firm accuses the suspected phishers of using spoof Microsoft websites in the scams - MSN, Hotmail and other Microsoft sites.

Microsoft has been working with the US Federal Trade Commission and the National Consumer Council over the ever increasing problem of phishing. It is believed that the company has been gathering data on the accused for almost 6 months.

In an interview with the online news service, ComputerActive, Aaron Kornblum, the firm's internet safety attorney stated, "We have gone as far as we can legally go with public record and now are using the power of the courts to get more information so we can find out who these people are and where they are based."

"Many could be in the US but be basing their activities outside the way the spammers have," he added.


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