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GMail In Anti-Phishing Drive

GMail In Anti-Phishing Drive


Google's GMail now incorporates a number of anti-phishing measures.


Google's email service - GMail, now incorporates a number of new security features designed to ward off phishing attacks targeted at its users.

The new measures are designed to alert users to phishing scams in their email inboxes and disables hypertext links within emails which could be used to refer users to pages hosting malicious phishing scripts designed to rob online banking users of their sensitive login details.

The email service now has a "report spam" button for its users. Messages identified as spam are sent to a separate folder and Google's antispam software is alerted. Google states "the more spam you mark, the better our system will get at weeding out those annoying messages."

Google is not new in attempting to deter hackers and scammers from its systems. For example, in October 2004, the DomainKeys cross-checking anti-spam system was added to its email servers. This technology, backed by Yahoo, too attempts to cross-check email messages to verify their source. The system attaches encrypted digital tags to each email message which are then compared to a publicly available databse of legitimate email addresses.

Georges Harik, the director of Google's new projects team commented on the new GMail anti-phishing measures -"we want to make it the best email service in every dimension, so you have absolutely no reason to use any other."

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