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Barclays' phish hunt

Barclays' phish hunt


Barclays closing in on phishers. Bank clamps down on spate of recent scams.


The UK bank, Barclays, has been rigorously fighting a campaign against the originators of several phishing scams which have involved the firm.

Barclays customers are still receiving emails which purport to come from the bank but are in fact password and bank account details catching phishing scams.

In an interview with ComputerWeekly, a Barclays spokeswoman explained, "Emails are still being sent, but we are keeping our eyes peeled and closing down the sites as and when they are appearing. We can contact the customer affected straight away - we know what the spoofers are doing." 

Such reassurances will offer little comfort for those already duped - and there are likely to be many - the Barclays scam has been mutating and evolving into new forms over the past weeks. The sheer size of the scam is likely to mean that many customers have been affected.

If you have received any Barclays-related scams or any other possible email scams, please forward your email to and we'll get the message out as soon as we can to the rest of the internet public.

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