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Microsoft Attacked In Phishing Scam

Microsoft Attacked In Phishing Scam


Microsoft's windows update site has been spoofed by phishers in a new scam.


Phishers have targeted Microsoft's windows update site in a new phishing scam. A website designed to look like the firms windows operating software update portal tricks surfers into thinking the site is genuine while their computers are infected with a remote-access Trojan script.

The scam was discovered recently by major anti-virus software firm - Sophos.

Email addresses appearing to come from Microsoft are sent to surfers and asks them to visit the web page where the malicious script is uploaded to the local computer.

The phishing scam email typically has subject lines such as "Update your windows machine" or "Urgent windows update.", a Sophos representative said.

The website run by the phishers has been traced to a server based in Toronto, Canada and has since been shut down by authorities. The website URL consisted of a standalone IP address and not an URL which was similar to Microsoft's genuine windows update website.

Sophos stated that they were not yet aware how many of the recipients of the email had fallen for the scam.

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