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Phishing Taking Place Of Porn Spam

Phishing Taking Place Of Porn Spam


Phishing scams are to overtake porn spam emails, a report says.


Pornographic spam is in delcine and is gradually being replaced by an increasing number of phishing scams, a report says.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project also reveals that 53% of adult email users in the USA trust email less because of spam and security concerns, down from 62% a year ago.

The report also revealed that 22% of email users are spending less time using email services due to spam and phishing threats, down from 29% last year.

Deborah Fellows, a research fellow at Pew believes surfers are gradually becoming used to threats and are showing a degree of tolerance. "Maybe it's their getting used to it. Maybe it's like other annoying things in life - air pollution, traffic - they are just learning to live with it."

People are wising up to simple spam traps such as posting their email addresses openly over net, a process which allows spam bots to 'harvest' or collect email addresses posted on forums for example.

The telephone-based survey interviewed 1,421 internet users between January 13th and February 9th.

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