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Rise In Corporate Phishing Attacks

Rise In Corporate Phishing Attacks


Organised phishing gangs are increasingly launching attacks on companies.


Phishing gangs are increasingly attempting to hack into corporate IT systems using phishing style tactics.

The fraudulent emails purport to come from a company's IT network administrator and ask for employees to update their login and password details. By clicking on links in the emails, the employees are taken to an external website where they are asked to enter their details which are captured by a phishing script.

It appears that gangs are using ever increasingly sophisticated equipment to identify new employees in businesses. The phishers then pose as payroll providers and attempt to use the information which is harvested to obtain more details from a company's human resources department.

The apparent switch from personalised phishing attacks to corporate-scale attempts revolves around the perceived greater benefits that can be gained from success corporate phishing attacks.

Jeremy Beale, the head of the e-business division at the Confederation of British Industry is proving a real problem for all businesses - small and large. "Spam was a pain, but it didn't really hit the bottom line - phishing really does go to your bottom line. Companies are dependent on the internet so pulling the plug is not really an option."

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