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Microsoft Urges IT Vigilance

Microsoft Urges IT Vigilance


A senior Microsoft representative is urging increased IT vigilance to combat threats.


David Aucsmith, CTO and architect of the Security Business and Technology Unit of Microsoft is urging stronger authentication, more powerful firewalls and increased vigilance to combat the increasing "Internet Threat" environment.

Malware, spam and phishing are making scam ringleaders a lot of money and challenging them is an uphill struggle said in a presentation in Seattle on Wednesday.

"We've seen an explosion of criminal enterprise moving onto the Net in the last 18 months or so. It's no longer just for kicks. It is for making money."

Spam is a particular problem, Aucsmith said. Spam is still proving profitable for spammers and more importantly spam acts as a medium for the immensely profitable practice of phishing and identity theft. Aucsmith stated that over 15% of those deceived into visiting phishing sites have given away personal data.

Fighting these threats is often a problem on account of the presence of so-called legacy systems. Aucsmith cited the example of Windows NT which contains a security kernel written before the advent of the World Wide Web and the TCP/IP internet protocol. Many Windows NT systems remain permanently connected to the internet, nevertheless - a prime target for those misguided souls who have the time and the effort to attempt a security intrusion.

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