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Harry Potter Scam Goes On

Harry Potter Scam Goes On


Reports of Harry Potter e-book phishing scams are still surfacing on the net.


Reports of Harry Potter e-book scams are still surfacing on the net.

2 weeks ago, the British author behind the Harry Potter book range, J.K. Rowling warned her fans that scammers were attempting to sell e-book versions of her next release - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The scam itself is straightforward enough. Customers receive and email which asks for bank account information so that an electronic copy of the novel can be bought. The sixth book in the successful series is due to be released in mid-July.

Rowling's lawyer Neil Blair described the situation in an online interview as a "Phishing scam."

Rowling herself said "I would bet the original manuscript of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince itself that this will not be the last attempt to con HP fans."

In a comment aimed at her fans, she warned, "Please, please protect yourselves and do not fall for these scams."

Please forward any suspected email scams to and we'll get a warning out to the rest of the internet public.

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16/02/05 (Updated 17/02/05)

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