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MasterCard Hunts Phishing Gangs

MasterCard Hunts Phishing Gangs


MasterCard has successfully shut down over 2000 fraudulent websites in the past year, the company says.


The international credit card company, MasterCard, has revealed that it has shut down nearly 1400 phishing related websites and more than 750 additional sites which have been illegally selling credit card information.

The company also revealed that 25,000 MasterCard credit card numbers had been "in jeopardy of being compromised," at one stage or another, but its anti-identity theft campaign had put a stop to such dangers.

MasterCards calls its anti-fraud campaign Operation Stop It (Identity Theft), and was launched last June. The project has been a successful collaboration with NameProtect. NameProtect now plans to extend its part in the project to partnerships with other financial institutions.

The results of the program are a new range of anti-fraud measures for MasterCard customers and improved customer service, the company says. 27 suspected phishers and identity theft criminals have been apprehended by the US Secret Service since the launch of the program.

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