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Netscape 8.0 To Combat Phishing

Netscape 8.0 To Combat Phishing


Netscape 8.0 is to focus on the prevention of online scams and other frauds.


Netscape 8.0 is to be described as a hybrid browser, half way between Microsoft's Internet Explorer and the open-source Firefox browser.

This inter-operability is designed to help the problems associated with using Firefox on sites specifically designed for Internet Explorer.

The developers of the new browser claim that the new browser offers protection against spyware and phishing attacks, both of which issues are causing current and great concern for internet surfers.

In order to reduce the possibility of the success of phishing scams the Netscape browser detects the the appropriate security level of a website based on known fraudulent sites. This list, which is updated 3 times a day by AOL and Truste already contains many thousands of blacklisted URLs.

A red shield will alert users to malicious sites on a browser tab.

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