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Phishers Targeting Smaller Firms

Phishers Targeting Smaller Firms


Phishers are increasingly targeting smaller companies with their email scams.


Once again, phishing scam ringleaders are innovating to stay one step ahead of authorities - scammers are increasingly aiming their scams at smaller companies.

While many scams still target the large financial institutions like Citigroup and Barclays, the Anti-Phishing Working Group has warned that smaller banks scams are surfacing with increasing frequency.

The group's monthly report warned that "hackers are modifying their attack methods by shifting away from attacking popular or large instituions."

Credit unions are increasingly baring the brunt of this new innovation. The total number of credit unions being targeted has risen from just 3 in February to 21 in May.

There is little doubt that phishers are targeting smaller banks and financial institutions because larger organisations have been strengthening their anti-phishing defences recently.

The report also revealed a slight fall in the number of unique scams for April. The report confirms that the USA and China account for nearly half of all hosted phishing sites but China's popularity with the scammers is increasing as government interference and an increase in the number of high-speed connections in the country attracts web users.

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