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Wireless and Mobile Phishing

Wireless and Mobile Phishing


Phishers turn to wireless, mobile computing


Phishers are beginning to focus on the wireless and mobile computing world to ferret out confidential information like passwords and credit card numbers, reports the Computing Technology Industry Association (Comptia).

'Internet security threats are increasing in maliciousness and criminal intent, with browser-based attacks and phishing scams being the fastest growing threats to secure computing', says Comptia. It also mentioned 'the threats to wireless and mobile computing loom on the horizon'.

Michael Mudd, Comptia's director of public policy for the Asia-Pacific said that 'phishing threats have increased by an alarming number'. Most security breaches are due to some kind of human error, said Mr. Mudd, adding that 'the most vulnerable point of entry to an organisation's server system is through e-mail'.

More hackers are now able to reverse-engineer patches and launch counter-offensives to vulnerable systems within 48 hours, according to Brian McCarthy, Comptia's chief operating officer.

'Our study also found that new security threats to wireless and portable technology are proving costly to manufacturers and consumers worldwide,' Mr. McCarthy added.

Source: - IT AsiaOne

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