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Phishing Fraud Duo Jailed

Phishing Fraud Duo Jailed


Two phishing scammers found guilty of conspiring to defraud and launder money.


Two men were sentenced to jail after being found guilty of defrauding and laundering 6.5 million using phishing scams.

Douglas Havard, a 24 year old living in Leeds and Lee Elwood, a 25 year old Scotsman received six and four years jail sentences for the similar offenses.

Both of them ran a credit card cloning operation using stolen financial information to buy and sell goods online under the victims' identities. They also admitted plotting to defraud and to launder money from phishing.

"In recent months, we have seen a resurgence of targeted phishing attacks for money laundering and identity fraud purposes, largely driven by criminal gangs. Yesterday's sentencing clearly demonstrates that the issue is being taken very seriously by the UK government and the criminal justice service," said Mark Sunner, Chief Technology Officer at MessageLabs.

He added, "Only in May 2005, the Government's fraud bill was strengthened to include a new fraud offence specifically addressing the perpetrators of phishing attacks; this is clearly being enforced, which is something we welcome strongly".

According to IBM's Global Security Index, phishing attacks recorded an all-time high in May 2005, beating earlier record in January this year. Viruses such as Sober and Mytob also continued to spread at an astonishing rate through email and web applications.

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