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Spyware Threat From Phishers

Spyware Threat From Phishers


Commercial spyware programs are increasingly popping up in phishing scams.


The internet security company SpyCop announced today that use of powerful spyware technology is becoming an ever present part of phishing scams. The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) summed up the new threat in a press release.

"Phishing attacks use both social engineering and technical subterfure to steal consumers' personal identity data and financial account credentials... technical subterfure schemes plant crimeware onto PCs to steal credentials directly, often using Trojan keylogging software."

The increasing use of the 500-strong pool of commercial spyware programs are poweful mechanisms through which identities can easily be stolen. A serious problem with commercial spyware programs is their low-level secretive presence when run on mainstream operating systems - regular spyware scanners such as Ad Aware or Spybot are unlikely to detect professionally programmed spyware programs designed to run unnoticed on corporate PC networks.

As with all online threats, a PC with regularly updated Virus software runs a lower risk of a security threat than other computers

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