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New TCF Bank Scam Circulating

New TCF Bank Scam Circulating


MillerSmiles has received reports of two variants of a new TCF bank phishing scam.


The variants differ in their subject lines but are otherwise identical. One subject line reads " Urgent please specify detaihb" [SIC] and the other " Maintenance upgramb" [SIC]

In the email itself TCF users are told:

"We recently have determined that different computers have logged onto your Online Banking tcfbank account, and multiple passwords failures were present before the logins."

Readers are then asked to confirm their details with the bank. By clicking on the spoof link, sensitive account details can be entered into a form which is then used by the phishers to gain access to accounts.

MillerSmiles has traced the spoof webpage (IP address: to a server based in China. The server appears to have been shut down - MillerSmiles has not been able to reach the server since we received initial reports.

Remember: TCF bank will never send you emails requesting your details

If you have any further details about this scam or wish to report another separate scam please contact us at

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