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MillerSmiles announces launch of new PhishCheck technology

MillerSmiles announces launch of new PhishCheck technology


MillerSmiles announces that automatic phishing reports with its PhishCheck technology are now active


MillerSmiles, the web's dedicated phishing service today announced that it will report up to 50 times as many phishing scams to the public each day.

The security website announced that many months of new coding will allow the website to report many more scams to the public than it used to. The news has been hailed as a breakthrough by the web security community. A leading US based email security firm said, "the public have 2 ways to find out whether clicking on a link is a scam or not. Internet explorer or Firefox now have their phishing filters which can warn users against these scams, but often these filters are hours, perhaps even days behind the times. MillerSmiles has always been the only realtime feed of live scams. To now announce that this feed will report up to 50 times more scams a day is a great revelation. This new method of reporting is welcome for the entire internet. Let's keep striving to stop the scammers."

MillerSmiles also announces today that its technology is an evolving piece of software. MillerSmiles commented further on the news today, "at we've never denied the fact that this industry is incredibly dynamic. We've always needed to stay ahead of the game in order to produce the best reporting software and that means constant, daily input. And that constant input will always mean dedicated human effort of some sort. In our case the PhishCheck technology that we have released today has a degree of AI like self-teaching intelligence. Over the coming months we aim to continually improve this to ensure that our ultimate goal, the total security of the internet, maybe best achieved. We don't have any hesitations in saying that we are leading progress in that field at the moment."

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MillerSmiles is the web's dedicated anti-phishing service. Launched in 2003, the site has become one of the most trusted internet security related websites on the internet.

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