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UK tax phishing scams on rampage

UK tax phishing scams on rampage


Many variations of UK tax reclaim scam currently circulating net


MillerSmiles announces it is receiving many variations of a UK tax reclaim scam in its HoneyTrap system. MillerSmiles asks email users to watch out for these emails all purporting to come from "" or "" email addresses.

The scams which claim the recipient is in line for a tax refund have multiple subject variations but have included "FORM SAT-0271", "Recalculation of your fiscal acitivity" and "Dear Applicant". All variants state that the non existent funds are available for reclaim in just 24 hours. The email also gives a reference number and all emails currently received by MillerSmiles have an attached HTML document which asks the recipient to enter a number of sensitive personal details, including a credit card number. Details are then sent by the form with a submit button to a UK based website which stores the scammed credit card numbers.

An example scam is included below:

From: []

Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 5:11 AM

Subject: FORM SAT-0271


HM Revenue & Customs

United Kingdom




United Kingdom


Form CA3821

Tax Refund Amount: 265.24




                              Dear Applicant,




 You are eligible to receive a tax refund of 265.24, after calculation of your fiscal activity. Your verification form will only be valid only for 24 hours and for verification your details you have the tax file number (TFN):

692553841 (See the tax privacy note in the Taxpayer's declaration on page 8 of your tax refund).


 Please complete the individual tax refund 2009, "FORM SAT-0271" attached  to this confidential message. After completing the form allow us 5-9 business days in order to process it.



HM Revenue & Customs


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