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New Lloyds TSB Scam Reported

New Lloyds TSB Scam Reported


MillerSmiles has received news of a new Lloyds TSB scam which is circulating among the online banking community.


The subject line of this latest Lloyds TSB scam is Lloyds TSB: Urgent Notice From Billing Department.

This scam seems to be a particularly popular version of previous Lloyds TSB scams. MillerSmiles has received a number of reports alerting us to this scam.

The email claism to be from the UK bank and asks you to confirm your account data by clicking on the link in the email. Victims are then taken to a spoof login page where sensitive account details are captured by the phishers. Remember: Lloyds TSB will never send online banking users emails requesting details in this way.

The URL of the spoof website is disguised by an image in the body of the email which is a popular technique used to bypass spam and phishing email filters.

MillerSmiles has traced the spoof website to a server with IP address The IP address resolved to a TLD (top level domain) domain -, which is a server based in Arizona, USA.

We advise our readers to beware of variations of this email which will likely surface in the coming days and weeks.

REMEMBER: Lloyds TSB will never send you emails asking you to enter your account details.

View technical details and the full MillerSmiles report of this scam here


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