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IE7: To Be Phishing Proof?

IE7: To Be Phishing Proof?


Bill Gates has hinted that Internet Explorer 7 will incorporate anti-phishing defences.


In his speech at the RSA conference recently Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, offered a preview of the new Internet Explorer 7.

The new complete IE 7.0 will be fully embedded in Longhorn which is due for release sometime next year. Gates stated that the new version of the world's most popular internet browser will offer significant security upgrades including advanced technologies to help prevent URL spoofing in phishing attacks.

In his speech Gates said "Browsing is definitely a point of vulnerability."

According to other reports, Microsoft will tread carefully with the introduction of these new security technologies so as to avoid stepping on the toes of more established security services vendors such as Sophos and McAfee.

Gates' talk of integrated anti-phishing defences in the new Microsoft browser come at a time when Microsoft has been promoting its new anti-spyware tool. When used in conjunction with IE 6, the anti-spyware program can prevent spyware from installing in the background and warns users whenever an unknown application attempts to install itself.

Source: EWeek

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